China Health Review (CHR), published quarterly, is the official online magazine of the China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS). The CHR is intended to promote health research, policy, practice, and education related to China and the general population health sciences by providing research and policy updates, topical reviews, and other appropriate information. Targeted audience includes (1) academic researchers within and outside of China; (2) policymakers within China; (3) other interested parties including nonprofit organizations and business leaders as appropriate.

ISSN 2325-1557 (Print)

ISSN2325-1549 (Online)

Editorial Team

Zhuo (Adam) Chen, PhD, MS, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Editorial Assistant
Zongshuan Duan, MS, Emory University

Special Interview, Editor
Jing Li, MS, University of California, Berkeley

Topical Review, Editor
Lu Shi, PhD, Clemson University

Perspective, Editor
Yi Ning, ScD, MD, MPH, Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Twitter, Editor
Feijun (Frank) Luo, PhD, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Policy and Practice Updates, Editors
Xuezheng Qin, PhD, Peking University
Yinan Peng, PhD, MPH, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

About CHPAMS, Editor
Kun Zhang, MS, Emory University

News and Announcements, Editor
Muzi Na, MS, Johns Hopkins University


Submission and Review Process

Inquiries and submissions should be addressed to Dr. Zhuo (Adam) Chen ( Submissions will be reviewed and edited by the CHR’s editorial team.



The China Health Review is made possible with a grant from the China Medical Board (CMB, Cambridge, MA). The opinions expressed in the editorials or in the articles are those of the authors and do not reflect views of the China Medical Board, nor of the institutions with which authors or members of the editorial team are affiliated.