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Editorial Introduction

The December 2013 issue of China Health Review includes an interview with Dr. WANG Yu (Director, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention), a perspective article by Dr. Neil Lunt and Prof. Ki Nam Jin, and a special interview with Professor Hengjin Dong.

In the Interview section, Dr. Wang Yu, director of China CDC, recounts his education and career path, shares his views of China CDC’s achievements in the last decade, as well as CDC’s mid-term and long-term goals. Dr. Wang also discusses the impact of China’s Healthcare Reform on public health, prevention strategy for chronic diseases, and China CDC’s major international collaborative projects.

In the Perspective section, Dr. Neil Lunt and Prof. Ki Nam Jin discuss the drivers, size and scope of medical tourism. They describe the experiences from Korea and UK to showcase commonalities and distinctions of medical tourism treatments and their destinations. The authors also illustrate payment mechanism, potential challenges, and China’s current medical tourism to Korea.

In the Special Interview section, Professor Hengjin Dong, Associate Editor of BMC Health Services Research and member of the editorial board of Pharmacoeconomics, provides a brief summary of the scope and focus of BMC Health Services Research and its manuscript reviewing process. He also offers his thoughts and suggestions to researchers from China.

Research Twitter provides brief summaries of articles with topics spanning from occupational exposure to magnetic fields, dietary intake and coronary heart disease, impact of government control on public hospitals on healthcare supply, health insurance reform in rural china, latent tuberculosis infection, impact of National Essential Medicines Policy on prescribing behaviors, engaging sub-national governments in addressing health equities, perinatal risk factors for young adults’ suicide, alcohol use and respiratory disease, workplace capital and smoking, to metabolic syndrome.   

Policy Practice and Updates includes six updates concerning topics including private funding of the elder care service industry, evaluation of county-level pilot sites for public health reform, pilot sites for using New Rural Cooperative fund to cover catastrophic illness insurance, health cooperative agreement between Hebei and Beijing, rural Anhui residents’  access to inpatient care outside Anhui, and national and provincial pilot Information systems for New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme.

In About CHPAMS, we introduce to you recent career and professional updates for Prof. Youfa Wang and Prof. Xi Chen, and recent publications lead-authored by CHPAMS members.

We wish you a prosperous New Year in 2014! Enjoy Reading!


2013年12月刊《中国卫生评论》除常规栏目外,还包括中国国家疾控中心主任王宇博士的访谈, Neil Lunt博士和秦基南博士的观点文章, 以及对董恒进教授的专访。


在观点文章部分,Neil Lunt博士和秦基南博士讨论了医疗旅游业的医疗旅游的驱动来源、规模和服务范围。作者通过韩国和英国的相关经验,阐述了多样化的医疗旅游业及其所在地的共性和区别。此外,作者还介绍了医疗旅游业的付费机制、潜在的挑战和中国目前的医疗旅游业现状。









Interview with Dr. WANG Yu (Director, China CDC)


Developments in Medical Tourism, by Neil Lunt, PhD; Ki Nam Jin, PhD

Special Interview

Prof. Hengjin Dong, Associate Editor, BMC Health Services Research

Research Twitter

Policy and Practice Updates


Members’ Updates