Volume 5 Issue 1

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Editorial Introduction

The June 2014 issue of China Health Review includes an interview with Dr. Belton Fleisher (Executive Editor, the China Economic Review), a research article on the positive externality of smoking cessation, an article on the application of Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions (ICCC) to China’s diabetes management, in addition to the other usual sections.

In Interview section, Dr. Belton Fleisher, Executive Editor of the China Economic Review, outlined the features and direction of the journal and advised Chinese scholars on manuscript preparation.

In Research Article section, Dr. Donglan Zhang and Dr. Lu Shi developed a hypothetical intervention experiment and provided insight for the potential impact of reducing active smoking prevalence on passive smoking prevalence. By considering the positive externality of smoking cessation, public health stakeholders could enhance the return on health investment and strategize their approaches to design tobacco control programs.  The other article in this section, authored by Dr. Chien-Ching Li, discussed the feasibility and potential of application of ICCC framework to China’s diabetes management based on an integrative multi-level literature review, and provided suggestions on how ICCC framework can serve as the conceptual basis for chronic conditions situation analysis and health care system design in China. Both articles were Honorable Mentions of the 2013 CHPAMS Best Papers Award.

Research Twitter provides summaries of ten recent publications, covering topics such as BMI and risk of death in Asian Americans, the potential effects of tobacco control in China, China’s health system strengthening and hypertension, capitation combined with pay-for-performance Improving antibiotic prescribing practices in rural China, bicyclist mortality in China, effect of short message service on infant feeding practice in Shanghai, epidemiology of human infections with H7N9 in China, an Enterovirus 71 Vaccine in China, effect of closure of live poultry markets on poultry-to-person transmission of H7N9, tuberculosis prevalence in China from 1990 to 2010.

Policy Practice and Updates includes six updates concerning topics including the newly released 2013 Analysis of Local Level Health Institution Reform, Urban and Rural Residents Critical Illness Insurance Piloting Methods released by the Beijing Municipal Government, Proposal for Grading Health Insurance Designated Medical Institutes, government and market collaboration for Medical Reform, urban and rural residents and retirees enabled to interchange their pension insurance plans, and the five key points for deepening the Medical Reform in 2014 announced by State Council Executive Committee.

In About CHPAMS section, we announce the transition of the CHPAMS Planning Committee leadership. Dr. Zhuo (Adam) Chen will no longer serve as the Chair of the CHPAMS Planning Committee and the Editor-in-Chief of the China Health Review. Dr. Qi (Harry) Zhang will assume the responsibilities of chairing the Planning Committee and managing the Review. The Feature Member section showcases a Go master among us, Dr. Feijun Luo of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We share news about Dr. Donglan Zhang, Shuli Qu, Professors Qi (Harry) Zhang, Youfa Wang, and Xinlin Feng in the Member’s Updates section.

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2014年6月刊《中国卫生评论》除常规栏目外,还包括对《中国经济评论》执行主编Belton Fleisher博士的专访、关于戒烟项目正外部性的研究文章、以及慢性疾病创新照护模式在中国糖尿病管理方面应用的文章。

在访谈部分,我们邀请到《中国经济评论》执行主编Belton Fleisher博士对该期刊的特点和发展历史进行介绍,并且根据他多年以来对中国经济的研究经验,向中国的学者就科研方向和文稿提交提供了具体的建议。

在研究文章部分,张冬兰博士和史律博士模拟了一项假设的干预实验,就降低主动吸烟对降低被动吸烟率的影响提供了深入见解。考虑到戒烟项目的正外部性,公共卫生利益相关者可以提高健康投资的回报,并且为控烟项目设计制定相应策略。Chien-Ching Li博士在综合多层次文献综述的基础上,讨论了慢性疾病创新照护模式应用于中国糖尿病管理领域的可行性及潜力,并且就慢性疾病创新照护模式如何成为中国慢性疾病情况分析和卫生保健系统设计的概念基础提供了政策建议。这两篇文章均获2013年CHPAMS最佳论文奖荣誉奖。







Interview with Professor Belton Fleisher (Executive Editor, China Economic Review)

Research Article

An Agent-based Model to Evaluate Positive Externality of Smoking Cessations, by Donglan Zhang, PhD; Lu Shi, PhD

Research Article

An Overview of Diabetes Management in China: The Application of Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Framework, by Chien-Ching Li, PhD

Research Twitter

Policy and Practice Updates


CHPAMS Leadership Transition

Feature Member

Members’ Updates