Volume 2 Issue 3

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Editorial Introduction

In this issue of China Health Review, we start a new section “Research Article” to showcase original research as well as works on analytical methods. Professor Zhehui Luo contributes a thoughtful examination of the comparative effectiveness research (CER), which is to develop and disseminate evidence-based information about which interventions are most effective for which patients under what circumstances. She concludes, to achieve the goal of CER, it is crucial that researchers in methodology development find appropriate methods to detect the presence and sources of heterogeneity in treatment effect.

In the Topical Review section, Dr. YAO Hongyan, Deputy Director, Office of Epidemiology at the Chinese Center for Disease and Prevention, and her colleagues describe the evidence concerning agricultural injury in China documented in the scientific literature in both Chinese and English. The authors conducted an extensive literature search, which yielded 89 papers related to agricultural injury. The research team’s review and analysis suggests that further research efforts are needed in order to gather sufficient evidence base for policymaking. Interested readers might find, in addition to the paper itself, the list of 94 references in the review very useful.

Research Twitter section provides brief summaries of eight studies that cover topics including antibiotic use in China, environmental health issues, production efficiency among Chinese hospitals, New Cooperative Medical Scheme, and many others.

Policy and Practice Updates section summarizes recent policy debates, innovations, and developments surrounding China’s health system, as well as perspectives from Chinese officials.

Congratulations to Dr. Xuezheng Qin, Peking University, on receiving a research grant from the National Science Foundation of China!


Table of Contents

Research Article

Heterogeneity in Treatment Effect and Comparative Effectiveness Research
by Zhehui Luo, M.S.,Ph.D.

Topical Review

Documented Evidence of Agricultural Injury in China
by LIU Jianjun, YAO Hongyan, ZHENG Wenjing, XIANG Huiyun

Research Twitter

Policy and Practice Updates


Members’ Updates