Volume 2 Issue 2

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Editorial Introduction

In the Perspective section of the July issue of China Health Review, Professor Zhanlian Feng outlines the challenges for the Chinese society when the Confucian ideal of filial piety and family care for the aged meets the recent emergence and rapid growth of elder care institutions. Professor Feng argues that this phenomenon signals a demographic inevitability and attests to the growing demand for formal long-term care in China with a rapidly aging population. He concludes by suggesting that it is imperative for Chinese policymakers to institute a formalized regulatory structure as soon as possible and to build an information infrastructure in order to enhance regulatory oversight and quality monitoring in Chinese long-term care facilities.

In April 2010, Qi (Harry) Zhang, PhD, and Jing Hao, MPH, had the opportunity to interview Dr. Jin Ma, the Executive Dean of School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Dr. Ma shared his views on China’s Health Care System Reform and ongoing research in the School. We especially want to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Ma for his advices and well wishes to the CHPAMS.

Research Twitter section provides brief summaries of thirteen studies that cover topics including elderly care, effects of China’s great famine, child obesity, primary care, community health centers in China, and many others.

Policy and Practice Updates section summarizes recent policy debates and developments surrounding China’s healthcare reform, including private and public hospital reforms, development of the pharmaceutical industry, and new institutions such as Chongqing Medicine Exchange in Chongqing and Shen Kang in Shanghai.

In About CHPAMS section, Lingling Zhang, ScD Candidate, Harvard University, recounts CHPAMS’s participation and contribution at the Westlake Forum III. Heartily congratulations to Yanfang Su, Yusheng Zhang, and Chenhui Liu for their recent accomplishments!

Don’t forget to check out the News and Announcements section. The School of Medicine and Health Management, Tongji Medical School, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, has drawn many talents and continues to welcome high caliber young and mid-career professionals to join its faculty. 

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction


              Charting an Inevitable Course: Building Institutional Long-term Care for a Rapidly Aging Population in China
              by Zhanlian Feng, PhD             

In Spotlight

              Interview with Dr. Jin Ma, Executive Dean of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Public Health
             by Qi (Harry) Zhang, PhD, and Jing Hao, MPH

Research Twitter

Policy and Practice Updates


              From the CHPAMS Planning Committee

              Members’ Updates

News and Announcements