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The spring 2011 issue of the Review features the debut of a new section, Perspective. In our first opinion article, Dr. Lu Shi and Ms. Donglan Zhang outline the challenges to China’s family planning commissions. They also discuss the potential new missions for the family planning commissions at this critical moment when China’s economic development has been accompanied by a dramatic population transition.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Jeffery P. Koplan, former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Koplan’s work and passion on public health in China could be summarized by two numbers: 32 years and over 50 trips to China. He played a critical role in creating the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention by advocating with his Chinese colleagues for such an institution since early 1980s. Among many professional services, Dr. Koplan serves on the Board of Trustees of the China Medical Board, an independent American foundation for advancing health in China. In the interview with Drs. Zheng Li and Feijun Luo, Dr. Koplan discusses his work on tobacco control in China and shares with us his views on China’s public health systems.

Research Twitter summarizes nine published papers. Among those studies, Feng, Li, and Varma assess China’s surveillance system for endemic infectious diseases and conclude that China need to invest far more in pathogen-based disease surveillance. Professor Ling Li of Peking University offers a brief discussion of the challenges to China’s healthcare reform. Other studies examined H1N1 vaccine and obesity issues. Look for the full citation information if you are interested in the details of these studies.

Policy and Practice Updates provides timely summaries of recent reports related to training of rural health workers, public hospital reform, and many other critical population health issues in China.

Please meet one of our CHPAMS members, Prof. Yuhua Bao, who won the John M. Eisenberg Article of the Year Award for excellent original research in healthcare policy in 2007. In Featured Member section, she shares with us her secret technique of relaxing and the career path she envisioned for herself in an alternate universe.

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Table of Contents


              Refocusing China’s Family Planning Commission in the 21st Century
              by Lu Shi, PhD, and Donglan Zhang, MA  


              Interview with Dr. Jeffery P. Koplan
              by Zheng Li, PhD, and Feijun Luo, PhD

Research Twitter

Policy and Practice Updates


              Featured Member: Yuhua Bao, PhD

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