Volume 3 Issue 4

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Editorial Introduction

The December 2012 issue of China Health Review focuses on mental health.

On December 14, 2012, a tragedy happened in Newtown, Connecticut, claiming lives of twenty children and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in addition to the gunman himself and his slain mother. The gunman, Adam Lanza, was believed to suffer from personality disorder, a fact largely overshadowed by a more controversial side of the story.

Few in the United States realized that, about ten hours earlier of the Newtown shooting, in Xinyang, China, a mentally ill man wounded twenty two children in Wanquan Elementary School with a knife. The suffering of children in both countries demonstrates the importance of mental health policies and practice, as well as research that provides evidence and guidance for the policy debates.

In the Interview section, we are fortunate to have two conversations with Professors Michael Phillips and XIAO Shuiyuan to discuss mental health in China. Professor Michael Phillips is a Canadian scholar who has stayed and worked in China for more than 25 years. He had a passionate and frank talk with Jing Hao on his route to mental health work in China and his perspective on mental health priorities. Professor XIAO Shuiyuan of Central South University shared with Shuli Qu his views on the choice of mental health as his life-long career, resource allocation in mental health, public health emergency preparedness, and mental health legislation.

Research Twitter provides summaries of nine recent publications, covering topics such as the association of low birth weight for gestational age and earlier puberty among Hong Kong's "Children of 1997" birth cohort, breast cancer, China’s National Health Development Strategies, prenatal care research in rural China, pandemic influenza H1N1 vaccination, pneumonia vaccines, long-term care system, urinary isoflavonoids and coronary heart disease, as well as mental disorders in Taiwan.

Policy Practice and Updates includes nine updates concerning topics including Shenzhen's new initiative to reform the existing medicine procurement system, follow-up of the tainted medicine capsule, China-U.S. Health Diplomacy, catastrophic health insurance, and private capital's role in China's health insurance market. 

In About CHPAMS, we introduce to you Dr. Xiaohui Hou, a health economist with the World Bank. You will also find recent career and professional updates from Drs. Xiaodong Cai, Zhuo (Adam) Chen, Jie Pan, Qi (Harry) Zhang, and Kai Zheng, and reports of grants received by Professor Li Wang and Ms. Yanfang Su. Drs. Zhanlian Feng, Xiaoxing He, and Xinping Zhang reported their recent publications.  

News and Announcements section features job opportunities with Peking University and the Johns Hopkins University.

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2012年12月14日,美国康乃迪克州纽顿镇(Newtown)发生了一起悲剧,桑迪胡克(Sandy Hook)小学枪击惨案造成28人死亡,包括20名儿童、6位学校员工、以及凶手和他的母亲。据报道,枪手亚当·兰扎(Adam Lanza)患有人格障碍,然而这一事实很大程度上被美国枪支合法性的争议所掩盖。





在CHPAMS之声栏目,我们介绍了世界银行经济卫生学家侯晓辉博士。您还可以找到CAI Xiaodong、陈茁、PAN Jie、张琪和ZHENG Kai博士的近期工作和学术活动, WANG Li教授和SU Yanfang女士获得项目资助的报告,以及FENG Zhanlian、HE Xiaoxing和ZHANG Xinping也汇报了他们近期发表的文章。

快讯栏目中请注意北京大学和Johns Hopkins 大学的工作机会。


Table of Contents


              A conversation with Prof Michael Phillips, Shanghai Jiaotong University

              by Jing Hao, MPH


              Interview with Professor SHUIYUAN XIAO, Central South University
              by Shuli Qu, MPH


Research Twitter

Policy and Practice Updates


              Feature member: Xiaohui Hou, PhD, MA

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