Institutional Membership

Adopted on March 29, 2016

Institutional membership is designed to recognize the shared value and vision between CHPAMS and institutional members to promote health and health equity in China or among Chinese population. CHPAMS will assist the members with developing, supporting and sustaining their institutional activity. CHPAMS can be a catalyst for members’ institutional recruitment, information dissemination, and professional networking.

Institutional members are entitled of a number of benefits, such as the following:

1.     Institutional members can host recruitment events through CHPAMS webinars and in CHPAMS conferences, and, publish recruitment announcements on China Health Review, the official publication of CHPAMS (up to twice a year);

2.     CHPAMS can recommend CHPAMS members as potential speakers for institutional members’ seminar or conference (up to four speakers a year). Final arrangement is upon the mutual agreement between institutional member and the speaker;

3.     CHPAMS can recommend its members as hosts for visiting scholars from institutional members (up to four hosts a year). Final arrangement is upon the mutual agreement between the visiting scholar and the host;

4.     CHPAMS can organize consultation meetings, webinars, or clinics on academic papers, scientific projects, and proposals from institutional members (up to twice a year);

5.     Institutional members will be highlighted on;

6.     Individuals from the institutional members can participate without additional cost in CHPAMS receptions during international conferences, such as AcademyHealth, International Health Economics Association, and International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), Global Symposium on Health Systems Research;

7.     CHPAMS can provide additional services based on discounted fee-based agreements between CHPAMS and institutional members.

In addition, institutional membership exemplifies the institution’s commitment to excellence, professionalism, and integrity, which is valued by individual members across disciplines and countries. Institutional members join with many other prestigious organizations lead by CHPAMS members to achieve their professional goals.  The international network allows CHPAMS to be particularly effective in assisting institutional members.

Institutional due for regular membership is $1,000 (July 1st– June 30th). For new institutional members participating later than January 1, the membership is prorated at $500.  With a special approval from CHPAMS Board of Directors, the membership can be reduced or waived for institutions that can significantly promote the interests of CHPAMS but have limited financial resources.  All institutional members come together as a unified voice to promote health improvement in China. Interested institutions can contact CHPAMS via