Policy on Rising Scholar Best Paper Award

 Policy on “rising scholar BEST PAPER Award”

Date First Published: Nov 11, 2016

Date Edited: Jan 11, 2019


A. purpose and overview

The Rising Scholar Best Paper Award (thereafter referred to as “the Award”) is to recognize outstanding peer review publications authored by CHPAMS members who are in their early career stage.  Each year, CHPAMS honors 1-2 members for their published scientific papers.  The publications should be consistent with the mission of the China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS).  The candidates are CHPAMS members who are either current students, or within five years since receiving their last academic degrees. 

B. Eligibility

A nominee must meet the following eligibility criteria:

·      The nominee must be a registered CHPAMS member.

·      The nominee must be a current student, or, within five years since receiving his/her last academic degree.

·      Each nominee can have only one publication for consideration for the Award each year.

·      The nominee must be the first author, corresponding author, or senior author (defined as the last author) for the publication.

The nominee’s publication for consideration for the Award must meet the following criteria:  

·      The paper was published in print, or, was accepted by a peer reviewed journal and available online this year.

·      The paper has not been nominated in the previous year.

·      The paper has not been nominated by another author.

c. nomination procedure

Any registered CHPAMS members can nominate and self-nominate candidates for the Award.  To apply, the nominator must send the following documents to the Award Committee Chair by the designated nomination deadline.

·       A brief one-page cover letter describing the nominee and the nominated publication

·       A statement that the first, corresponding and senior authors concur with the submission of the publication for this Award

·       A PDF copy of the paper in the final published or in press form

·      Nominee’s short bio or resume (one or two pages)

d. selection procedure and award

CHPAMS will form an Award Committee that consists of selected Board of Director members (e.g., Director of Academics, Director of Membership, and Secretary) and invited non-Board members.  The Award Committee will screen and review all nomination materials to ensure the nominees and their publications meet the eligibility criteria.  The Award Committee will then evaluate the nominated publications based on scientific quality, public health implication, potential impacts, etc.  The Award Committee will discuss the nominations and vote on the final winner(s).  Depending on the number of nominations, the Award Committee may set up sub-categories to evaluate publications in different areas, such as health policy, epidemiology, etc.  Up to two winners can be chosen each year.

CHPAMS will announce the winner in March of the following year through CHPAMS website, newsletter, and other media releases.  The winner will receive a plaque and a $100 or equivalent reward.