Guidelines for Establishing a CHPAMS Regional Chapter


The purpose to establish a regional chapter is to facilitate member communication, to coordinate CHPAMS activities, and to promote CHPAMS mission at the regional level. A well-established chapter may offer needed support to local CHPAMS members on an ongoing basis, and be a strategic channel between the headquarters and local members. The CHPAMS headquarters strongly encourage academic and professional activities within regional chapters and will support activities with available resources.

This policy provides guideline to establish and organize a regional chapter:

A. Application

  • Any CHPAMS member with valid membership status can initiate a regional chapter as specified by the headquarters. This member will be identified as the founding President of the regional chapter
  • The founding President of the regional chapter should submit an application letter to establish a regional chapter to the President of CHPAMS
  • The application letter should include the following information:

i.     At least 10 valid CHPAMS members’ endorsements with their names, current title and institutions, and contact information (address, email, phone numbers, or social media accounts)
ii.     Identification of an institute as the host institution for chapter activities
iii.     Identification of geographic areas covering the chapter’s membership and activities and the chapter will be named after the region
iv.     Discussion of any possible themes in line with CHPAMS’ mission, existing networking among local members, and proposed activities in the chapter
v.     Acknowledgement that “The CHPAMS Chapter - ____ (Region) will comply with the bylaws and mission of CHPAMS, and comply with any applicable regulations, policies, and laws. Any liabilities contracted for or incurred by the Chapter shall remain the sole liability of the Chapter. The Chapter shall indemnify CHPAMS and hold CHPAMS harmless from and against any loss, expense cost or damage by reason of the activities conducted as the CHPAMS chapter.”

B. Review

  • The Board of Directors of CHPAMS headquarters will review the application letter and cast a vote on the establishment of the regional chapter. The approval requires 2/3 of favorable votes of the quorum

C. Chapter Organization and its Relationship with the Headquarters

  • The Chapter President will be the primary responsible party for all chapter activities and the primary contact person or liaison for the headquarters.
  • The Chapter can decide their own organization and activities under the name “CHPAMS Chapter - ____ (Region)”, as long as it complies with the bylaws of CHPAMS and other applicable regulations, policies, and laws.
  • The Chapter should submit annual report on the membership, any changes in chapter leadership, activities, or any budget request to the headquarters
  • The headquarters will direct new CHPAMS members in the region to contact regional chapters
  • Regional chapters should work with the headquarters regarding any fund raising activities or other financial matters
  • The headquarters will support regional chapters with available financial or other resources

D. Dissolution

  • The Board of Directors of CHPAMS reserves the right to dissolve the regional chapter with no active activities, significant disputes within the chapter, or other legitimate reasons
  • The dissolution requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Directors of the headquarters.
  • Upon dissolution, no activities can be used under the CHPAMS chapter names. All chapter properties or assets shall be donated to the headquarters or other charitable or not-for-profit organization after provisions for payment of all liabilities have been made.