2016 CHPAMS Volunteer Award

It is our honor to announce the 2016 CHPAMS Volunteer Award winner, Dr. Jing Hao!

Jing has been instrumental in many fronts of CHPAMS's activities. She, joint with Drs. Kun Zhang, Donglan Zhang, and Muzi Na, started the CHPAMS Monthly newsletter and demonstrated her initiative and leadership in the process. Jing also played a critical role in membership development, hosting CHPAMS reception or gathering events at APHA 2010, 2011, and 2012, as well as AcademyHealth 2015. She has helped in conducting interviews with Professor Michael Phillips and others. While Jing may have to retreat from some of CHPAMS activities for a little while to spend more time with the new addition to her family, we would like to recognize her for what she has done for CHPAMS, wish her well and hope she will be back soon!