Issue 82, June 2019

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CHPAMS Newsletter is a monthly e-newsletter from the China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS). The Newsletter serves as a communication platform to provide updates and activities related to CHPAMS and information of potential interest for CHPAMS members. 


  1. Westlake Youth Forum


CMB-CHPAMS joint reception


CHPAMS members at the forum


CHPAMS members visited Wu Town Internet Hospital. 

  1. The 2019 Global Young Scholars Forum on Health Management and the 2nd Jinling Forum on Health Policy and Management


Participants of the 2019 Global Young Scholars Forum on Health Management and the 2nd Jinling Forum on Health Policy and Management


CHPAMS members at the forum


CHPAMS members visited Qinhuai River

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 CHPAMS Members in the News

1.In June 14-16, CHPAMS co-organized the 2019 Global Young Scholars Forum on Health Management and the 2nd Jinling Forum on Health Policy and Management. 

2. Xi Chen, Yale University

“Researchers at the International Food Policy Research Institute examined data from the national China Family Panel Studies longitudinal survey, mapping the cognitive test scores of nearly 32,000 people over the age of 10 between 2010 and 2014 against their exposure to short- and long-term air pollution.” (Read more: Diabetes, cancer and death: These are the effects of polluted air)

Yale professor investigated determinants of health in early life

Yale School of Public Health is cooperating with China in developing new payment models for healthcare” 

3. Xuesong Han, American Cancer Society

“More than 5 million cancer survivors in the United States experience chronic pain, almost twice the rate in the general population, according to a study published by Mount Sinai researchers in JAMA Oncology in June.” (Read more: More than 5 million cancer survivors experience chronic pain, twice the rate of the general population)

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Faculty positions
School of Public Health, Zhejiang University
Deadline: open until filled 
[Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang]

Multiple positions
Meinian Health Research Institute
Deadline: open until filled
[Location: Beijing] 

United States   

Health Services Administration, Open Rank Faculty
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Deadline: open until filled
[Location: Birmingham, AL]

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Health Outcomes Research
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Deadline: open until filled
[Location: Seattle, WA]

Health Economics and Outcomes Research – Multiple Positions
Ohio State University College of Nursing
Deadline: open until filled
[Location: Columbus, OH]

Postdoctoral Associate
University of Florida Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics
Deadline: open until filled
[Location: Gainesville, FL]

Senior Implementation Research Scientist
RTI International
Deadline: open until filled
[Location: WA, DC, MA, NC]

Postdoctoral Fellow in Substance Use and Population Health

University of Texas Health Sciences Center
Deadline: open until filled
[Location: Houston, TX]

Data Science Fellowship
The Data Incubator
Deadline: July 15, 2019
[Location: New York city, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC]

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United States 

Donghu Forum
Registration: send CV to by August 30, 2019
Conference time: October 19-21, 2019
[Location: New York, NY]

American Public Health Association Annual Conference
Conference time: November 2-6, 2019
[Location: Philadelphia, PA]

Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health 
Conference time: December 4-6, 2019
[Location: Arlington, VA] 

Other countries

 International Health Economics Association
Conference time: July 13-17 July, 2019
[Location: Basel, Switzerland]

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Research Updates

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Meng Q., Mills A., Wang L., Han Q. What can we learn from China’s health system reform? BMJ 2019; 365: l2349 

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Yuan B., Balabanova D., Gao J., Tang S., Guo Y. Strengthening public health services to achieve universal health coverage in China BMJ 2019; 365: l2358

Fang H., Eggleston K., Hanson K., Wu M. Enhancing financial protection under China’s social health insurance to achieve universal health coverage BMJ 2019; 365: l2378

Xu J., Jian W., Zhu K., Kwon S., Fang H. Reforming public hospital financing in China: progress and challenges BMJ 2019; 365: l4015

He P., Sun Q., Shi L., Meng Q. Rational use of antibiotics in the context of China’s health system reform BMJ 2019; 365: l4016

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Zhou, M., Wang H., Zeng X., Yin P., Zhu J., Chen W., … Wang L. (2019) Mortality, morbidity, and risk factors in China and its provinces, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 The Lancet

Song, H., Zhang, D., Chen, Z., Wang, R., Tang, S., Bishwajit, G., ... & Su, Y. (2019). Utilisation of national community-based blood pressure monitoring service among adult Chinese and its association with hypertension treatment and blood pressure control—a mediation analysis.BMC geriatrics, 19(1), 162.

Wu, T., Deng, Z., Chen, Z., Zhang, D., Wang, R., & Wu, X. (2019). Predictors of Patients’ Intention to Interact With Doctors in Web-Based Health Communities in China: Cross-Sectional Study. Journal of medical Internet research, 21(6), e13693.

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Chen X, Wang TY, Busch SH. (2019). Does money relieve depression? Evidence from social pension expansions in China, Social Science & Medicine 220: 411-420.

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