Issue 73, September 2018

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CHPAMS Newsletter is a monthly e-newsletter from the China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS). The Newsletter serves as a communication platform to provide updates and activities related to CHPAMS and information of potential interest for CHPAMS members.

Greetings for the 10th birthday of CHPAMS (from Michael Grossman, Advisory Board Member, CHPAMS)

“I would like to start by congratulating China Health Policy and Management Society on its 10th anniversary. I felt great pleasure to interact with a number of people in this society. They are doing terrific research in health economics. I am sure they will continue, more and more Chinese economists are going in the field of health economics, taking the advantage of large datasets that are now becoming available to study a number of key issues in this field.”

The full address can be found at CHPAMS official YouTube Account.


Prof. Michael Grossman

University distinguished professor of Economics at City University of New York Graduate School, Director of New York Office and Director of Health Economics for National Bureau of Economics Research (NBER), and a member of the US National Academy of Sciences. Among many influential work, Professor Grossman gave his seminal paper in 1972, providing a fundamental theory for economics research on demand of health. Following his pioneered wok known as Grossman Model, health economics research has been progressed profoundly in understanding human demand of health.

CHPAMS expert database

CHPAMS is building an expert database to facilitate improved matching between potential academic mentors and mentees overseas, high-quality public policy consultation, and as a comprehensive media guide. If you wish to participate in this important mission, please fill out the form and submit ( ), or you can scan the below QR code on your WeChat to access the questionnaire. Please make sure your information is accurate. One is only allowed to enter up to 3 fields of expertise. All information provided must be in English. The deadline for this information collection is October 15, 2018. Thank you!




Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor
School of Public Health, Peking University
Deadline: Currently open
[Location: Beijing, China]

Postdoctoral, Associate, or Full Professor
School of Public Health, Nanjing Medical University
Deadline: Currently open
[Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China]

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Economic and Policy Research
School of Healthcare Management, Shandong University
Deadline: Currently open
[Location: Jinan, Shandong, Chian]

United States   

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Tufts Medical Center/GlaxoSmithKline
Deadline: Open until filled
Year 1: Tufts Medical Center, Boston MA USA
Year 2: GSK Vaccines Health Outcomes and Epidemiology Team, Philadelphia PA USA]

Associate Principal Scientist, Outcomes Research
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Upper Gwynedd, PA, US] 

Principal Scientist, Economic And Data Sciences
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Upper Gwynedd, PA, US] 

Tenure-Track Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor in Climate Change and Health
Yale School of Public Health
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: New Haven, CT] 

Director of Health Programs
Yale-China Association
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: New Haven, CT] 

Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor - Social & Behavioral Science in Nutrition
Cornell University
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Ithaca, New York] 

Assistant or Associate Professor - Health Services Administration (tenure-track)
Department of Social and Public Health
Ohio University
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Athens, Ohio] 

Health Sciences Clinical Professor  
The Division of Clinical Sciences
University of California, Riverside
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Riverside, California]

Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics
University of Michigan
Application Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Ann Arbor, MI]

Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor - Health Policy
The Division of Health Policy and Administration
School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Application Deadline: 26 October, 2018
[Location: Chicago, Illinois]

Qualitative Research Core
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Dallas, Texas]  

Senior Program/Policy Analyst
Nemours Children's Health System
Application Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Washington, D.C.]

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The 12th China Health Technology Assessment Forum
Conference time: 25-28 October, 2018
[Location: Shanghai]

Conference time: 30 November-2 December, 2018
Abstract Submissions Close: 10 October, 2018
[Location: Shanghai]

The 2nd Belt & Road Initiative Global Health International Congress
2018 Global Health Forum of the University Alliance of Silk Road

Conference time: 23-25 November, 2018 
[Location: Xi’an, China]

2018 4th International Conference on Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
Conference time: 15-17 December, 2018
[Location: Xi’an]

United States   

APHA's Annual Meeting and Expo
Conference time: 10-14 November, 2018
[Location: San Diego, CA]

Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health
Conference time: 3-5 December, 2018
[Location: Washington D.C.]

Other Countries  

Economics of Ageing Workshop
Conference time: 24-25 June 2019
[Location: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia]

International Health Economics Association, Basel 2019 Congress
Conference time: 13-19 July, 2019
Abstract Submissions Close: Monday, December 10, 2018
[Location: Basel, Switzerland]

11th European Public Health Conference 2018
Conference time: 28 November - 1 December 2018 
[Location: Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia]

14th International Conference on Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases
Conference time: 6-9 November, 2018
[Location: Sitges, Spain]

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Research Updates

Li, F., Harmer, P., Fitzgerald, K., Eckstrom, E., Akers, L., Chou, L.S., Pidgeon, D., Voit, J. and Winters-Stone, K., 2018. Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Tai Ji Quan Intervention vs a Multimodal Exercise Intervention to Prevent Falls Among Older Adults at High Risk of Falling: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA internal medicine.

Zhang, X., Chen, X. and Zhang, X., 2018. The impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(37), pp.9193-9197.

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Fang, L., Gao, P., Bao, H., Tang, X., Wang, B., Feng, Y., Cong, S., Juan, J., Fan, J., Lu, K. and Wang, N., 2018. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in China: a nationwide prevalence study. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Lu, J., Lu, Y., Wang, X., Li, X., Linderman, G.C., Wu, C., Cheng, X., Mu, L., Zhang, H., Liu, J. and Su, M., 2017. Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in China: data from 1· 7 million adults in a population-based screening study (China PEACE Million Persons Project). The Lancet, 390(10112), pp.2549-2558.

Wang, C., Xu, J., Yang, L., Xu, Y., Zhang, X., Bai, C., Kang, J., Ran, P., Shen, H., Wen, F. and Huang, K., 2018. Prevalence and risk factors of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in China (the China Pulmonary Health [CPH] study): a national cross-sectional study. The Lancet, 391(10131), pp.1706-1717.

Sun, X., Tan, J., Tang, L., Guo, J.J. and Li, X., 2018. Real world evidence: experience and lessons from China. BMJ, 360, p.j5262.

Fu, W., Zhao, S., Zhang, Y., Chai, P. and Goss, J., 2018. Research in health policy making in China: out-of-pocket payments in Healthy China 2030. BMJ, 360, p.k234.

Ma, Y., Congdon, N., Shi, Y., Hogg, R., Medina, A., Boswell, M., Rozelle, S. and Iyer, M., 2018. Effect of a Local Vision Care Center on Eyeglasses Use and School Performance in Rural China: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Ophthalmology.

Yu, K., Qiu, G., Chan, K.H., Lam, K.B.H., Kurmi, O.P., Bennett, D.A., Yu, C., Pan, A., Lv, J., Guo, Y. and Bian, Z., 2018. Association of solid fuel use with risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in rural China. JAMA, 319(13), pp.1351-1361.

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