Issue 30, June 2015

From Editors

CHPAMS Newsletter is a monthly e-newsletter from the China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS). The Newsletter serves as a communication platform to provide updates and activities related to CHPAMS and information of potential interest for CHPAMS members.

CHPAMS Activities and Announcement

·         CHPAMS successfully hosted the 1st Jump-start Your Career Webinar on May 11. Dean MENG Qingyue, Dean SUN Qiang and other senior administrators from Peking University and Shandong University presented about job opportunities in these institutions. They interacted with CHPAMS members during the webinar. CHPAMS welcomes other institutions to conduct recruitment talks at the future Jump-start Your Career webinar series.

·         CHPAMS will host the 2nd Jump-Start Your Career Webinar on June 30 (Tuesday) at 9-11AM (Beijing Time), with special guests from Fudan University and Zhejiang University. The job position announcements are attached.  


School of Public Health, Fudan University –                                    

Wen CHEN, Dean, Professor of Health Economics

Zhuohui ZHAO, Associate Professor of Environmental Health

Yubin ZHANG, Associate Research Fellow of Occupational Health

Min HU, Lecturer of Health Economics

School of Public Health & School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Zhi CHEN, Dean and Professor, School of Public Health

Hongping WU, Secretary of Party Committee & Associate Dean, School of Public Health

Shankuan ZHU, Associate Dean, School of Public Health; Founding Director, Chronic Disease Research Institute

Hai YU, Professor, Center for Health Policy Studies, School of Medicine 

Hengjin DONG, Professor, Associate Director of Department of Social Medicine , School of Public Health; Director of Center for Health Policy Studies, School of Medicine

Date & Time: June 30, 2015, 9-11am (Beijing Time)

Access Information:
Where:                        WebEx Online (
Meeting number:         224 167 342
Password:                   This meeting does not require a password.

Telephone Call-in (Optional): +1-415-655-0001 (US TOLL): Access Code: 224 167 342

Note: For registered members who are interested in applying for jobs, please send CVs to

·         CHPAMS Conference Reception for Members

A CHPAMS reception, organized by Dr. Lizheng Shi, was held at the 2015 ISPOR Annual International Meeting in Philadelphia, PA on May 19th. The reception achieved big success to host approximately 40 Chinese scholars in academia, government and industry from China, Singapore and the US. A Wechat group was created with over 150 members joined after the reception. The ISPOR reception provided an excellent opportunity to network with current members and welcome new members.

·         AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (June 14-16, 2015, Minneapolis, MN). CHPAMS members are invited to AcademyHealth reception. If interested, please email Dr. Jing Hao ( with your contact information and a subject line “CHPAMS 2015 AcademyHealth ARM Reception”.

Reception date and time: June 15th (Monday), 2015 at 6 PM;
Venue: To be announced.

·         International Health Economics Association 11th World Congress (July 12-15, 2015, Milan, Italy). CHPAMS members are invited to iHEA reception. If interested, please email Dr. Harry Zhang ( with your contact information and a subject line “iHEA Reception”

Reception date and time:  July 13, 2015 (Monday) at 7 PM
Venue: To be announced.

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Members' Corner

Dr. Liang Wang, in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, East Tennessee State University (ETSU) College of Public Health received funding for the project titled, “Influence of child care setting on obesity risk among U.S. children”.  Dr. Deborah Slawson, Associate Professor and chair in the Department of Community Health at ETSU, is the Co-Investigator, and Dr. Youfa Wang, Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Buffalo, is the consultant for the study. [Link]

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Senior Research Fellow
Wellness Living Laboratory (WELL-China)
Zhejiang University and Stanford Prevention Research Center
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Hangzhou, China]
For more information, contact or send CV to Dr. Duan
Tel: 0571- 88208591

Research Biostatistician
Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology 
Center for Healthcare Informatics and Policy
Weill Cornell Medical College
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: New York, NY]

Assistant/Associate Professor  
Pharmacometrics/Predictive Analytics/Outcomes Research 
Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics 
School of Pharmacy
University of Pittsburgh 
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Pittsburgh, PA]

Medicare Data Research Analyst
General Dynamics Information Technology
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Towson, MD]

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Position
Office for Healthcare Workforce Analysis and Planning 
South Carolina AHEC
Medical University of South Carolina 
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Charleston, SC]

Senior Researchers/Researchers  
Health Care Cost Institute
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Washington, DC]

Statistical Analyst II
Northwestern University, Department of Preventive Medicine
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Evanston, IL]

Staff Scientist (Biostatistician)
Clinical Trials and Outcomes Branch
Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
Intramural Research Program
Deadline: Posted September 1, 2015
[Location: Bethesda, MD]

Health Care Delivery & Outcomes Physician Researchers
General Internal Medicine
Virginia Commonwealth University
Deadline: Posted May 15 - June 15, 2015
[Location: Richmond, VA]

Health Research Associate
American Institutes for Research
Deadline: Posted May 14 - June 14, 2015
[Location: Washington, DC, Rockville, MD, Chapel Hill, NC, Waltham, MA, New York, NY]

Health Care Policy Researcher and Senior Health Care Policy Researcher
American Institutes for Research
Deadline: Posted May 14 - June 14, 2015
[Location: Washington, DC, Chapel Hill, NC, San Mateo, CA, Rockville, MD, Waltham, MA, New York, NY]

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Scholarships & Fellowships  

Post-Doctoral Position in Health Services Research
Stanford University
Deadline: May 12 - July 12, 2015
[Location: Stanford, CA]

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Emergency Outcomes
The University of Texas
Health Science Center at Houston
Deadline: May 3 - June 3, 2015
[Location: Houston, TX]

Research Assistant
Shanghai Mental Health Center & Emory Global Health Center
Director: Michael R. Phillips
Deadline: Open until filled
[Location: Shanghai, China]
Contact information: Fei Deng
Tel: 13564656647

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AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting 2015
Conference Dates: June 14-16, 2015
Location: Minneapolis, MN

International Health Economics Association 11th World Congress Conference
Conference Dates: July 12-15, 2015
Location: Milan, Italy

The Chinese Economists Society 2015 Annual Conference
Conference Dates: June 13-14, 2015
Location: Chongqing, China

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2015
Abstract Submission Deadline: June 15, 2015
Conference Dates: November 7-11, 2015
Location: Orlando, FL

Medical Decision Making 37th Annual North American Meeting
Conference Dates: October 18 - 21, 2015
Location: St. Louis, MO

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Research Update

Miaomiao Tian, Heng Wang , Xuetao Tong, Kun Zhu, Xiaojuan Zhang, Xi Chen. Essential Public Health Services’ Accessibility and its Determinants among Adults with Chronic Diseases in China. Plos One. 2015, April

Jay Pan, Xuezheng Qin, Qian Li, Joseph P. Messina, Paul L. Delamater. Does hospital competition improve health care delivery in China?. China Economic Review. 2015, April                                                                                        

Stéphane Verguet, Cindy L Gauvreau, Sujata Mishra, Mary MacLennan, Shane M Murphy, Elizabeth D Brouwer, Rachel A Nugent, Kun Zhao, Prabhat Jha, T Jamison. The consequences of tobacco tax on household health and finances in rich and poor smokers in China: an extended cost-effectiveness analysis. The Lancet Global Health. 2015, April

Shulin Chen, Yeates Conwell, Jin He, Naiji Lu, Jiayan Wu. Depression care management for adults older than 60 years in primary care clinics in urban China: a cluster-randomised trial. Lancet Global Health. 2015, April

William B. Goggins, Chunyuh Yang, Tomiko Hokama, Lewis S. K. Law and Emily Y. Y. Chan. Using Annual Data to Estimate the Public Health Impact of Extreme Temperatures. American Journal of Epidemiology. 2015, May

Meimei Xu, Weiwei Yu , Shilu Tong, Lei Jia, Fengchao Liang, Xiaochuan Pan. Non-Linear Association between Exposure to Ambient Temperature and Children's Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Beijing, China. Plos One. 2015, May

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