Jump-start Your Career Webinar Series by CHPAMS

In summer 2015, CHPAMS initiated a career development webinar series, “Jump-start Your Career”, to bridge academic institutes in China and public health professionals all over the globe via online conference platform. It provides a convenient and efficient communication platform for both hiring institutes and potential job seekers beyond geographical boundaries.

In general, a typical webinar event lasts for two hours and contains information sessions for two institutes, each including presentations and Q&As. The presentations given by institute leaders cover a variety of topics, such as general introduction about the schools, hiring plan and criteria, and employment and development plans. The school leadership’s participation in the event demonstrates great support and sincerity towards talent recruitment and global cooperation. In addition, current young faculties who recently relocated back to China can share their experiences with the webinar participants. The Q&A at the end of each session enables direct communication to further the discussion.

This series has successfully launched two events for four top universities in China. For the kickoff event on May 11th, 2015, the recruiting organizations and speakers included:

Shandong University, School of Medicine and Health Management & Center for Health Management and Policy

·       Qiang SUN, Professor & Deputy Dean, School of Medicine and Health Management; Executive Director, Center for Health Management and Policy
·       Yongping WANG, Party Secretary, School of Medicine and Health Management
·       Jian WANG, Associate Professor, Social Medicine and Health Management
·       Xiaojie SUN, Associate Professor; Assistant Director, Center for Health Management and Policy

 Peking University, China Center for Health Development Studies & School of Public Health

·       Qingyue MENG, Professor, Dean, School of Public Health; Executive Director, PKU China Center for Health Development Studies
·       Xiaoyun LIU, Associate Professor, PKU China Center for Health Development Studies
·       Weiming ZHU, Lecturer, PKU China Center for Health Development Studies  

The second webinar was held on June 30, 2015, featuring the following universities and speakers:

Zhejiang University, School of Public Health & School of Medicine

·       Shankuan ZHU, Associate Dean and Professor, Founding Director of Chronic Disease Institute, School of Public Health
·       Hai YU, Professor, Center for Health Policy Studies, School of Medicine
·       Hengjin DONG, Professor, Associate Director of Department of Social Medicine, School of Public Health; Director of Center for Health Policy, School of Medicine
·       Xiaoguang MA, Associate Professor, Secretary of Human Resource Committee, School of Public Health

 Fudan University, School of Public Health  

·       Wen CHEN, Dean, Professor of Health Economics
·       Yingyao CHEN, Associate Dean, Professor of Health Services
·       Zhuohui ZHAO, Associate Professor of Environmental Health
·       Yubin ZHANG, Associate Research Fellow of Occupational Health
·       Min HU, Lecturer of Health Economics

For highlights on these events, please visit CHPAMS video channels on Youtube or Youku to watch the review video (~2 min) of each Jump-start Your Career Webinar. 

For the most updated event information, please visit www.chpams.org, subscribe to the CHPAMS email list, or register as a member. CHPAMS welcomes other institutes to conduct recruitment talks at future Jump-start Your Career webinar series. Contact email: contact@chpams.org.