CHPAMS holds biennial conferences for public health scholars from the U.S., China, and other parts of the world to exchange insights, discuss challenges, bridge minds and develop solutions.

China Health Review is CHPAMS’s official quarterly magazine intended to promote health research, policy, practice, and education related to China and the general population health sciences.

The CHPAMS Monthly is an e-newsletter that provides updates and activities related to CHPAMS and information of potential interests for CHPAMS members.

A Global Organization for Advancing Public Health Research and Practice in China

Welcome to CHPAMS, the home for over 2,000 researchers and scholars around the world who care about Health Policy and Public Health in China!

Initiated by a group of devoted Chinese scholars in Schools of Public Health in the U.S., CHPAMS has expanded rapidly to attract talents and interests in China and overseas. As a platform for anybody who is interested, CHPAMS is committed to promote knowledge transfer across systems, leverage junior talents for career development, and advocate the voices to promote health and health equity in China.

As a volunteer-running organization, we certainly welcome for any contribution to make this organization more vibrant, lightening, and progressive. The gateway is OPEN!