Volume 1 Issue 2

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When you are reading this issue of the Review, the year of 2010 is bidding farewell. The Review had a good start in August, was welcomed with applause, and has grown since its inception. We have an expanded and passionate editorial team and you probably have noted new sections and style changes in this issue.  A few highlights about this issue are as follows.

Venereal diseases had been kept at bay in China for several decades but have made an unwelcome comeback. Professor Qi (Harry) Zhang delved into gender and socioeconomic disparities in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in China and pondered about the progresses and the challenges in preventing and containing STDs. A surprising finding is that the likelihood of having STDs is positively related to socioeconomic status in China.

Professor Gordon (Guoen) Liu is a familiar name to many. In an interview with Dr. Lu Shi, Professor Liu compared the progress of health care reforms in both U.S. and China, laid out the differences in focus areas, pitfalls, and prospects between the two reforms. His comments will likely to stimulate thoughts as well as debates.  Professor Liu also shared his views on the challenges faced by the Chinese medical universities and his passions on the health services research in China.

The Research Twitter section showcased 14 studies on population health issues among the Chinese or ethnic Chinese populations. Among these studies, Babiarz et al. found that the New Cooperative Medical Scheme has partly corrected distortions in Chinese rural healthcare; however, it also surprisingly shifted uncompensated new responsibilities to village clinics. Using surveillance data of the mass vaccination campaign among 95,244 children and adults, Wu et al. concluded that the safety profile of a 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) vaccine is similar to those of seasonal influenza vaccines and the H1N1 vaccine appeared to be effective against confirmed H1N1 virus infection in school-age children.

Policy and Practice Updates summarized debates on health care reform financing, medical insurance schedule, as well as challenges to the essential drug system in China.

You might be curious enough wanting to know more about the members of the CHPAMS. The section of About CHPAMS: Featured Member presents the profile of Ms. Shufang Zhang, a collegial, passionate, and hard-working doctoral candidate at Harvard University, who has been instrumental in forming the CHPAMS.  Members’ Update section provides you with the most recent career and professional changes of CHPAMS members, as well as their notable achievements.

Please also remember to check out the latest job announcement from the China Center for Health Development Studies, Peking University, in the News and Announcements section.

Best wishes of a healthy and productive New Year in 2011 from the editorial team of the Review!


Topical Review 
 Increasing Epidemic of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in China by Qi 
(Harry) Zhang, MA PhD

Interview with Dr. Gordon G. Liu by Lu Shi, PhD
Research Twitter
Policy and Practice Updates
About CHPAMS Featured Member: Shufang Zhang, MS ScD Candidate
News and Announcements